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Color-change Purple Sapphire Hand Cut Gemstone and Sterling Silver NecklaceColor-change Purple Sapphire Hand Cut Gemstone and Sterling Silver Necklace

Color-change Purple Sapphire Hand Cut Gemstone and Sterling Silver Necklace

Hand-cut lab-grown sapphire gemstone set in sterling silver with a sterling silver chain and CZ accents.

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This color change sapphire is a beauty. Under different lighting conditions its color can range from a pink raspberry to the tasty purples and blues of a huckleberry. The gemstone is cut in approximately a 7mm round brilliant with an additional 16 facets along the girdle. Common round cut gemstones have no girdle facets. This stone has 73 sparkling facets! Each one meticulously cut and polished by hand. I've accented the 4-prong setting of the sapphire with 3 round cubic zirconia approximately 2mm in diameter. The gemstone is a lab-created sapphire.  Sapphire is the birthstone for September, but with this stone's rich purple color, it could also be used for February's Amethyst birthstone. Although created in a laboratory, this gemstone shares virtually all chemical, optical and physical characteristics of natural sapphire. I've included a picture of the rough sapphire (corundum) boule from which I cut this gemstone and a picture of one of the round brilliant gemstones cut from it. This necklace comes in a black, hinged lid gift box and would make a beautiful gift.

Minerals can be grown in controlled laboratory settings and produce gemstones with virtually identical composition to their naturally occurring counterparts but do not cause the destruction of earth and wildlife to the extent that mining for gemstones does. Typically, laboratory grown crystals are flawless or near flawless due to the strict control over the crystal growth process, and they have the best and most beautiful colors. In many cases, an earth-mined "seed" crystal is needed to kick off the crystal growth process in a lab.


Product Information :

  • Lab-grown genuine sapphire.
  • 7mm x 7mm approximate size
  • Hand cut
  • Sterling silver diamond-cut rope with lobster claw clasp



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  • Length 7.00 MM
  • Width 7.00

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