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Growing Crystals at Home

You can easily grow sucrose crystals at home to illustrate the process of growing crystals in a "laboratory" or in this case, your kitchen.   

Home-grown Crystals of Sugar

Start by dissolving table sugar in water until you can no longer dissolve any additional sugar.  Gently heat the sugar water solution and continue adding more sugar until no more will dissolve.  Pour the sugar water into a glass jar.  Then take a string (I used embroidery floss) and tie it to some chop sticks.  Dip the string into the sugar solution and then in some dry sugar - this will be your "seed" crystal.  Carefully lower your sugar coated string into your glass jar of sugar water solution letting the chopsticks rest on the lip of your jar, suspending the string in the solution.  

Check on it in a day and then in a week and see how much your sugar crystals have grown!  This is the same kind of Rock Candy you'll find sold in candy stores and even though it is "man-made" it is still sugar and quite tasty!  Try adding some food coloring too.  You might need to tie something like a paper clip to the end of your string to keep it in the solution, or you might want to try using a wooden skewer instead of a string.  Experiment and have fun!








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