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Caring For Your Jewelry

Depending on the gemstones in your jewelry, care should be taken to avoid causing permanent damage to your jewelry. 

Use the table below as a guide to cleaning your jewelry.

Jewelry that has glass gemstones should be treated with care. The glass can chip if subjected to rough handling.


Gemstone Steam Clean? Ultrasonic Cleaning?
Alexandrite Usually Usually
Amethyst Not Advised Usually
Aquamarine Usually Usually
Citrine Not Advised Usually
Emerald No No
Garnet No Usually
Lapis Lazuli No Not Advised
Opal No No
Pearl No No
Peridot No No
Ruby Usually Usually
Sapphire Usually Usually
Spinel Usually Usually
Tanzanite No No
Topaz No No
Tourmaline Not Advised Not Advised
Turquoise No No
Zircon Not Advised Not Advised
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