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Anniversary Gemstones

Here is a list of gemstones that are the recommended anniversary gifts recognized by various professional jewelers and gem societies including The Gemological Institute of America, American Gem Trade Association, Jewelry Industry Council and the Cultured Pearls Association.


Anniversary Gift Anniversary Gift Anniversary Gift
1 Gold 11 Turquoise 22 Spinel
2 Garnet 12 Jade 23 Topaz
3 Pearl 13 Citrine 24 Tanzanite
4 Blue Topaz 14 Opal 25 Silver Jubilee
5 Sapphire 15 Ruby 30 Pearl Jubilee
6 Amethyst 16 Peridot 35 Emerald
7 Onyx 17 Watches 40 Ruby
8 Tourmaline 18 Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl 45 Sapphire
9 Lapiz Lazuli 19 Aquamarine 50 Golden Jubilee
10 Diamond Jewelry 20 Emerald 55 Alexandrite
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